Introducing The Humanity Collective Charitable Trust

June 04, 2019

Introducing The Humanity Collective Charitable Trust

We are so delighted to be launching The Humanity Collective Charitable Trust, and what better time than on our 6th birthday. 

Establishing this charity has been a goal since the day we started on our journey. Our vision for The Humanity Collective is to create a sustainable living hub at The Lake House Arts Centre, on Barry's Point Reserve in Takapuna, Auckland City. This area used to be a large council landfill, used for materials consisting of domestic, commercial and industrial waste, however, due to public outcry, it was closed in 1979. Prior to becoming a landfill, the area was an extension of Shoal Bay and was thriving with mangroves and sea life. 

The history of this location inspires us to pursue environmental remediation on this site.  It breaks our hearts to think that it was once a thriving coastal inlet. The very least we can do is to make this area a beautiful thriving location for nature and wildlife.  We are also inspired that the house was going to be demolished, however, due to the hard work of a very passionate group, it was saved. It is rare to find a historical building like The Lake House on the North Shore.

The Humanity Collective will work alongside The Lake House Trust as custodians of the gardens and grounds. We will host and coordinate inspiring talks, hands-on education events, cultural activities and community markets. We also will work with industry partners to showcase innovative products and services.

We want The Humanity Collective to be a space full of hope, positivity, inclusiveness and great vibes - a place focused on doing good.

It is a big vision, however, it is one that we feel is desperately needed in this world of chaos. How can you be involved? For every product you purchase from Humanity, we will contribute to The Humanity Collective. You can check out The Humanity Collective Website and the Support Us page to volunteer or make a donation. You can follow the journey of our charity on Facebook and Instagram, and sign up to the newsletter. It really would be cool to have you join us on our journey to make a difference. 

One of the first things The Humanity Collective will be doing is tidying up the gardens and grounds.  We would love your help.  Our first working bee is this coming Sunday the 9th of June from 9am-12noon. 

You can register here.

We hope to see you there.

Warm regards


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