About Magno Design

Singgih S. Kartono, the founder, owner and chief designer of Magno Design uses product design as a "weapon of survival". His vision is to rise to the challenge of sustainable living through innovative use of human and natural resources. Magno cultivate, plant and source sustainable timber to craft unique wooden speakers and radios. It takes approximately 16 hours of delicate crafting to make each product. A focus on elegant simplicity is evident in all their designs which delight the senses. 

Do Good

Magno Designs employs 40 locals from Kandangan village, situated in Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia.  Employees work in a beautiful workshop (pictured above) that is open to the public. The company only use about 80 sustainably-sourced trees per year, while annually planting about 10,000 samplings in local and surrounding areas to ensure forest regeneration.

Magno has also collaborated with Gunung Sumbing junior high school to create a practical curriculum within the field of environmental generation. Students have helped to grow seeds and create a tree nursery for replanting in the school area. 


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