Our Story

Back in 2013 we decided it was about time New Zealanders had the choice of buying fashion brands that are ethically made using sustainably sourced materials and give back to humanitarian and environmental causes. So much of this was happening overseas but not so much here. 


We set out to source and sell brands that share our core values, brands that genuinely want to make a difference to this lovely planet and its inhabitants. 
We are super proud of the brands we have on board now. Wearing our brands means you not only look fantastic but you are also doing your bit for the Earth by buying an ethically made sustainable product that gives back!


Once you get into the rhythm of purchasing and wearing the products we offer, you wear them with pride, you can't help but tell people the story behind the brand. It really does become a lifestyle and, soon you will find it becomes pretty difficult to go back to brands that don't share the same values. 

Our dream is that we all become protectors and custodians of the planet. We want people to become global citizens who think about the impact of their choices on others and the planet we share. Our belief is that every decision we make and every product we buy could be eco-friendly.


Why the image of the bull? Well, we love animals so much and this guy stares straight into your soul.

Join us on our journey to leave the world a better place!


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