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Our Location

We are located at rather a unique spot, certainly not your average retail centre. Our home is The Lake House Arts Centre in Auckland. Located just off the Northern motorway, we have an art gallery, art studios and cafe on site. Our office is based at the rear of The Lake House and our store is located in the old navy barracks across the lawn.

The site use to be the Takapuna landfill which closed in 1979. It is now called Barry's Point Reserve and is council-owned land.  The Centre comprises three relocated and renovated historic buildings: The Lake House and two Fort Cautley Army Barracks from rescued from Narrowneck.
The Lake House was cut into 7 pieces and shifted onto Barry's Point Reserve in 1997. It was originally built in the 1890s using Kauri. The house was situated at the northern end of Takapuna Beach and functioned as a family home and beachside boarding house. The house is scheduled a category A heritage building. 
In 1996, and known as The Coach House, it was threatened with demolition to make way for the Sands apartments.  A trust was formed to save and preserve the building. The restoration took three years and the building opened again as The Lake House Arts Centre in 2000.

Old landfill site
A besalt quarry was operational in the northeastern corner of the site up to the 1930s. It then became the local council's work depot and this was where the first stage of the landfilling began. Filling continued steadily, then escalated in the 1970s, until 1979 when the landfill was closed. Refuse materials consisted of domestic, commercial and industrial waste. Landfilling progressed in stages from the north-eastern corner southwards directly over marine sediment of the tidal mudflats of Shoal Bay.

During the 1970s the site came under increasing levels of public scrutiny, resulting in the measure being taken to cover and cap the refuse and control the leachate from discharging directly into the harbour. The Lake House Trust leases the land from the Auckland City Council.

Our location is very peaceful, just off the northern motorway, and we have loads of parking. Its is a super location to come and relax.


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