WeWOOD Frescobol Set - SAL

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WeWOOD FRESCOBOL bats are handcrafted with the highest quality reclaimed wood and finished off with a natural cotton grip.

x 2 Wooden Bats -  Sapele Nut Bass, natural cotton grip
x 2 Tag Rubber Balls 
x 1 Linen Case
x1 Silicon Flying Disk - Pet-friendly

* The diameter is 5.5cm, made of combined material and rubber.
* Thickness:1.5cm to 2.5cm from the handle 
* Length: 44cm
* Width:20cm 
* Weight:350g

The Game
Originally Frescobol was played with hand shaped wooden rackets and tennis balls. The introduction of American racquetball in the 70’s brought greater speed and agility to the sport adding a new dimension. The game is played on the beach with two players facing one another with the objective of hitting the ball to one another with their bats without the ball hitting the ground. It requires minimal equipment and is accessible to all, young or old. Frescobol is unique because instead of an opponent you have a partner and the goal is to support your partner rather than to try to win or score points. It’s all an exciting rally. In competitive play, points are given to the team of two who keep the ball in play the longest.

WeWood Frescobol Presentation from hey dude shoes on Vimeo.


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