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Crafted from 100% natural Indian Rosewood, the KOS features a bold face and a minimalist design. The oils of a rosewood tree are believed to ease tension, making the Kos an ideal choice for the yogi or Zen master. Our watches are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and feature scratch-proof mineral glass faces. Our bands are adjustable to any wrist.

*100% Natural Wood
*Reclaimed materials
*Hardened, scratch-proof mineral glass  
*Completely free of toxic chemicals  
*Miyota movement 6P77
*Stainless steel nickel free clasp
*Adjustable to fit most wrists
*Weight; 62 g
*2-year international warranty

Band: 8 1/4” Maximum length 230 mm, minimum length 130 mm
Face: (including wood frame / bezel) - 1 3/4 inches (46mm) across, and 7/16 inches (11mm) thick  

Indian Rosewood (CHOCOLATE)

Indian Rosewood is very strong and heavy, takes an excellent polish, and is a suitable wood for the black pieces in chess sets and for billiard cues. Often streaked with hues of purple and red, each piece has its own unique color.

*Due to the season, and age of the wood chosen for your unique WeWOOD timepiece, colours may be darker or lighter (within reason and hue) than the photo.

WeWOOD's packaging, incorporates mostly recycled materials, so that each box is not only recyclable but also as eco-stylish as its content.

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