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  • August 26, 2020 2 min read

    We all need to plant trees and LOTS of them. That's why, with your support, we are working with Trees That Count.

    About Trees That Count (TTC)

    Trees That Count is a community marketplace which was established in 2016 by NZ charity Project Crimson. TTC connect tree funders (like us) and tree planters. This means that we pay for the trees, and then they are given to planting groups who plant and care for them. Groups include schools, restoration projects, community groups, and councils.

    So far 32 million native trees have been planted in just 4 years! Over the next 50 years, these 32 million native trees have the potential to remove between 5,286,830 and 7,279,273 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) from our atmosphere. That is a lot of CO2!

    TTC’s goal is to plant 200 million trees across the country.  

    Why is planting trees so good? 

    There are so many benefits to planting trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, planting lots of them improves air quality. This means we are helping Kiwis breathe easier. It’s no wonder plants are often called the “lungs” of our ecosystem.

    Currently, more than 4,000 New Zealand native plants and animals are threatened or at risk of extinction. By planting native trees and shrubs we are creating more habitats for our threatened wildlife and helping build ecosystems that are more resilient to threats and diseases.

    Planting native trees help to improve community health and wellbeing by creating more accessible green spaces for people to unwind. As little as 10 minutes a day in a green space can help us feel happier and lessen other effects of physical and mental stress. These green spaces are particularly important now. You may have noticed the number of people utilising these spaces through Level 3 and 4. Many green spaces are also disappearing with urban land being subdivided into such small spaces with very little garden area.

    "We are leaving a legacy for future generations"

    We are helping to create habitats for our 32 species of native birds by providing food including fruit, seeds, and nectar.

    We are leaving a legacy for future generations. I am super worried about what our future generations will have to deal with, so planting as many trees as I possibly can gives me some hope.

    Mitigating CO2

    Gifting Trees

    You can also fund or gift trees yourself to family and friends through TTC. They have some cool online card designs.

    Find out more about our partnership and check out our tally.

    We have only just begun and cannot wait to see our tally grOW.