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July 16, 2018 2 min read



We are very excited about running our first swap meet. The thought of swapping a book for a bag of lemons really spins my wheels! Swap meets keep stuff out of the landfill, clear clutter, and build a sense of community. And they are fun!

To get started, we will make this one an intimate affair with close humanity friends and family only. That way, your participation and feedback can help us get this right, so that it can become a regular event.

Where and when
Sunday 29th of July 
10 am-2 pm
The Lake House Arts Centre, 37 Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna, Auckland. 

What to bring
Please bring along 5 good quality items to trade.  Smaller items for this first meet please, such as:  

  • Books: literature, cookbooks, children’s books, coffee table books, magazines 
  • Clothes & Jewellery: pants, jeans, dresses, tops, sweaters, coats, necklaces, bangles. 
  • Kitchenware: plates, glasses, utensils, cookware, measuring cups, jars, small appliances, napkins, tablecloths, dish towels 
  • Household goods: tools, seeds, plants, phone chargers, electronics, fabric, picture frames, cushions. 
  • Food: Fruit, vegetables, cookies, cakes, jam, bread, starters for fermented foods.

Trading currency
Please bring along 5 buttons and or bottle tops so we can use these as trading currency. We will keep these for future swap meets.

How it works

10 am sharp: drop off your 5 items

  • Get 5 tokens for trading
  • Get a 10% discount coupon to spend at The Lake House Cafe. 
  • Leave the trade room so we can organise the goods into categories. 
  • Check out stall holders onsite
  • Check out the art gallery or go for a wee walk 

10.30am to 12 noon: trading is open  

  • You choose up to 5 items and give us a token for each item as payment.
  • Place the items into your byob (bring your own bag)
  • Continue to have a look around our lovely venue or head off.

    Things to note

    • If we have any items left at 12 noon you are more than welcome to grab these. 
    • You can collect your leftover items at 12 noon or we can take these to a charity shop.
    • We will only accept items in good condition.  
    • Please bring your own bag to take items home.
    • If you intend on having a coffee or tea bring please your own cup along.

    Come join us and be part of creating this unique event!


    Together we can make this world a better place.