"Today more than ever before, life must be characterised by a sense of Universal Responsibility, not only Nation to
Nation and human to human, but also human to all other forms of life"

- The Dalai Lama

Our Mission

Our mission is to source and sell products that maintain an ecological balance, while still looking fabulous.
In other words, we provide the kind of products that you would choose, even if they were not environmentally
friendly. We understand that for many of us it is important to look stylish. With Eco Guardian's products you
not only look cool and feel great, but you know you are doing your bit for the Earth by buying a sustainable product.

Our dream

Our dream is that every Kiwi becomes an Eco Guardian: a protector and custodian of the planet.  Being an
Eco Guardian is a lifestyle - not a part time choice, or something to put off for the future. We want people to become
global citizens who think about the impact of their choices on others and the planet we share.  Our belief is that every
decision we make and every product we buy could be eco-friendly.

We are members of the Sustainable Business Network
The Sustainable Business Network is a membership-based New Zealand social enterprise, made up of businesses, governmental
agencies and organisations located across New Zealand. It was established in 2002 with the vision to make New Zealand the model
sustainable nation for the world. You can read more about SBN here.


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