Founded in 2011 by Kelly Elkin and Betony Dircks, ALAS is a Sydney-based, organic sleep and loungewear label with a focus on enigmatic prints and relaxed silhouettes. 

ALAS is an acronym for 'All Light, All Shadow' which represents the nature of change; day to night, sleeping to waking. The phases of the moon and the movement of the tides remind us that everything is connected. The acronym also alludes to the idea of transparency in the supply chain, as we wish to shine light on our manufacturing practices and organically grown cotton.

All of the prints and colour schemes in the ALAS collections are created by the designers to produce vivid and unique garments. The designs themselves have been thoughtfully constructed to be both comfortable and of a simple, graceful style. The carefully selected organic fabrics are soft to the touch and always breathable. 

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