Since 2012, KERBHOLZ  has represented sustainable products you can wear on a daily basis, bridging the gap between a fashion accessory and beautifully designed product. The modest style of the products shines the spotlight on the material with its appealing texture, high value and natural colouring. The use of natural materials makes each KERBHOLZ product unique, with no two products alike.

Where does the name KERBHOLZ come from?

'Kerbholz' is the German word for a tally, originally a medieval form of a promissory note made of wood, into which the lender would carve the amount of debt. KERBHOLZ have interpreted the term to refer to memories you can carve or notch into your wooden product turning the tally into a precious memory.

Do Good

KERBHOLZ attach particular importance to the resources that are used to fabricate their sunglasses and watches. KERBHOLZ is, therefore, involved in environmental protection by donating shares to reforestation projects and working together with Prima Klima in Nicaragua With every product sold, KERBHOLZ contribute together to a more sustainable way of life!

KERBHOLZ products are also ethically made in SA8000(Social Accountability International) accredited production facilities.

KERBHOLZ Alfons Blackwood $239.00
KERBHOLZ Alfons Rosewood $229.00
KERBHOLZ Berthold Blackwood $279.00
KERBHOLZ Cornelius Blackwood $239.00
KERBHOLZ Cornelius White Birch $259.00
KERBHOLZ Ferdinand Walnut Mirror $259.00
KERBHOLZ Ferdinand Zebrano Sunglasses $279.00
KERBHOLZ Hans Maple $199.00
KERBHOLZ Hans Sandalwood $199.00
KERBHOLZ Herrmann Ebony $259.00
KERBHOLZ Herrmann Matt Black $179.00
KERBHOLZ Herrmann Rosewood $259.00
KERBHOLZ Hinze Sandalwood $199.00
KERBHOLZ Justus Blackwood $239.00
KERBHOLZ Justus Walnut Silver $239.00
KERBHOLZ Justus Zebrano $229.00
KERBHOLZ Lamprecht Rosewood $199.00
KERBHOLZ Lamprecht Sandalwood $199.00
KERBHOLZ Leopold Blackwood $239.00
KERBHOLZ Leopold Funky Red $189.00
KERBHOLZ Leopold Rose Slate $279.00
KERBHOLZ Leopold Rosewood $229.00
KERBHOLZ Martha Blackwood $239.00
KERBHOLZ Martha Dark Grey $189.00
KERBHOLZ Martha Rosewood $229.00
KERBHOLZ Pin Adjustment Tool $17.00
KERBHOLZ Reineke Maple $199.00
KERBHOLZ Reineke Sandalwood $199.00
KERBHOLZ Resinax Caring Oil $15.50

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