WeWOOD is an Italian brand, founded in 2009 in Florence, Italy. WeWOOD combines the Italian ability to design unique objects with the need for greater attention and care for our planet. The first to create wooden wristwatches, completely free of toxic and artificial materials, using recycled wood from all over the world. For each watch sold, WeWOOD plants a tree in collaboration with non-profit organizations such as American Forests and Trees for the Future.

 The WeWOOD line of wooden watches combines style, luxury, and environmental responsibility. Inspired by the beauty of the Tuscan territory, WeWOOD watches reflect the great cultural and artistic heritage of Florence. All watches have been designed with great attention to detail and an eco-conscious mind. Different types of wood are used, each of different colour and with peculiar characteristics, which make them perfect accessories for any occasion. Being 100% made of wood, WeWOOD watches are non-toxic, chemical-free and extremely lightweight.

Since 2010 with the help of customers and partners WeWOOD has planted over 635,000 trees worldwide through reforestation projects.
By expanding their collection and improving the quality of our products, we hope to gain your support and thus achieve our goal of planting 1 million trees by 2020.
WeWOOD products are made in China and Italy using reclaimed wood and stainless steel.


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