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Ceramic Melt Burner

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We have commissioned Auckland artist Shannon Courtenay to design these beautiful, unique, and hand-made ceramic melt burners. 

The design mirrors the distinctive shape of our candles and emits a gorgeous orange glow when lit. We think it looks like a miniature version of a traditional Greek wood-fired oven.

Simply place one of our melt cubes into the removable dish and light your fragrance-free tea light. Please note the tea light and melt cube need to be purchased separately. 

Dimensions: 8.6 cm h x9.5 cm w

Artists Notes
The melters are made from clay, an abundant and natural material that requires little processing. It is completely recyclable and can be returned to the earth. The glaze takes longer to break down. I have only glazed where necessary - in the small dish which is used to contain the wax. Any waste clay from this process is recycled and reused by me. My process is handmade, slow and careful - this gives the melters an organic form, so they are all slightly different/unique.
I make ceramics by hand with a focus on sustainability and ecology. I like the way that fire and clay can create such beautiful, sustainable and reusable objects that fit into our everyday lives. I really believe in buying handmade things and love the term 'slow fashion'. Working with humanity and the concept of making a functional object, while considering how we can keep its environmental impact to a minimum has been such a special project and a very important part of starting my own brand of ceramics.